What colors are available?

See the current Katzkin swatch card (click image above) to see available colors and materials.  Don't see what you want on our website?  Just contact  us, we can have it custom made!

Leather Lingo

Two-tone leather interiors are among the most popular customization  options. Change the inserts or full center sections of seat covers to  create your own distinctive look.  

Contrast Stitching

Double stitching is sewn using a color that contrasts the leather. If  you want a distinctive look, contrast stitching will make the  difference! 


Perforated seats allow better “breathing” between the leather seat  cover and the occupant. It’s most often used to create a sporty look  within a  seat cover and is included in a number of our factory-style kits.  


With piping, you can add dramatic contrast or subtle elegance with welt cord enhancement of the seat cover seams. 

Other Options

Throughout our items on the website you will see things like Barracuda square duo-tone perforation and Realtree Camouflage.  If you don't see something you are looking for, just let us know!